August 25, 2006

CAA-Quebec reminds motorists of school bus safety

Quebec, PQ – With the imminent return of students to school, CAA-Quebec reminds motorists that school bus drivers are required to announce their intention to stop by pre-signalling before putting on their official flashing red lights.

“This new measure was formally launched last year, but we think it is important to remind motorists about it, since they have not seen any yellow school buses on the road for the many weeks of summer vacation,” says CAA-Quebec’s Roxanne Héroux. “This pre-signalling technique provides motorists with vital advance warning to help them prepare to stop their vehicles in time.”

When the yellow lights on most school buses begin to flash, surrounding motorists must prepare to stop their vehicles. A few seconds later, the bus’ red flashers will be activated. Bus drivers who do not yet have the special yellow flashers installed must pre-signal with their emergency flashers. Motorists who fail to obey the law and stop at least five metres from the bus will be fined $200 to $300, and given nine demerit points. These points result in an increase in the automobile insurance premiums automatically billed by the Société de l’assurance automobile (SAAQ) when the driver’s license is renewed.

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