Quebec City, Quebec – CAA-Quebec is recommending that the government implement mandatory inspections for motor vehicles more than eight years old. The association said that it will result in significantly fewer emissions being produced by Quebec’s automobiles, and that it supports the proposal presented to the government by the Table de concertation sur l’environnement et les vehicules routiers, a round table on the environment and road vehicles of which CAA-Quebec is a member, to bring in legislation to make such inspections mandatory.

CAA-Quebec said that a vehicle more than eight years old that has been properly maintained can release as little as half the amount of atmospheric pollutants as a vehicle of the same age that has not. Such an inspection requirement could be made applicable prior to transfer of ownership to make implementation easier.

According to data collected by the round table, new vehicles contribute to less than one per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, whereas all light-duty vehicles in the country make up 12.5 per cent of these emissions. CAA-Quebec said that studies show that in 2005, more than 37 per cent of vehicles registered in Quebec were eight or more years old.

CAA-Quebec is also asking that the government also consider the problem of used Japanese import vehicles that are more than 15 years old, and which can consume up to 25.0 L/100 km and are usually not equipped with electronic fuel injection or the latest-generation anti-pollution systems, and are often modified to enhance their performance, making them more harmful to the environment.

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