Quebec, Quebec – CAA-Quebec has announced that it has reached a milestone of one million members, with more than one in four motor vehicles in the province now driven by CAA-Quebec members.

“Above all, we are proud of what this landmark represents,” said Paul Pelletier, president and CEO. “One million people placing their trust in us is quite an achievement, symbolic of our relevance, our ability to grow, our innovations, as well as the high standards of quality that we have upheld throughout our history. Keeping that momentum going is a huge challenge that we will be working hard to meet, starting now. At the same time, we very much intend to celebrate this momentous occasion with our members.”

Founded in 1904, the organization reached its 100,000-member mark in 1975. Membership then skyrocketed, reaching 250,000 by 1983, 500,000 by 1989, and 750,000 by 2003. The organization did not expect to reach the one million mark until 2010.

“And to think that some experts predicted our decline sometime during the 1990s, when the automakers began offering roadside assistance,” Pelletier said. “They failed to take into account our unique value proposition: the peace of mind that CAA-Quebec succeeds in providing.”

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