October 19, 2006

CAA-Quebec offers tips for getting your vehicle in shape for winter

Quebec City, Quebec – CAA-Quebec warns that a poorly maintained vehicle is far more likely to break down during the winter, and rack up plenty of unwanted expenses; it offers tips for getting a vehicle in shape for the winter months.

“October is the perfect month to perform preventative maintenance on your car, and it’s important to remind owners of older vehicles who haven’t followed the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to the letter to have their cars inspected, otherwise the rigours of winter may bring unpleasant surprises,” says Sophie Gagnon, CAA-Quebec’s Director, Public and Government Relations.

CAA-Quebec also says that an improperly maintained vehicle can consume up to 50 per cent more gas than it needs to. Last winter, over 75 per cent of road service requests received by the association were for a tire change, battery boost or towing, and a sizable proportion of tows were for mechanical breakdowns.

CAA-Quebec suggests that you check and adjust the levels and quality of all fluids; inspect and replace the filters if necessary; check the condition and pressure of tires, including the spare; inspect the cooling system and belts; inspect the electrical system; ensure the block heater is working properly; inspect the exhaust system; inspect and lubricate the brakes, including the handbrake; and check the condition of the windshield wipers.

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