Quebec, Quebec – CAA-Quebec has declared its annual “war on potholes” with its online Pothole Watch, which allows users to report road damage. It is the ninth consecutive year for the service.

New features on the site enable users to specify the type of roadway damage they are reporting, and state whether they are motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, to enable better identification. The site is found at PotholeWatch.

“This year, Pothole Watch offers a choice of three definitions corresponding to the types of roadway damage often reported in the spring: potholes, pavement scabbing, and pavement breakup around service openings,” said Sophie Gagnon, director of public and government relations. “This will allow us to transmit a wider variety of roadway damage to the relevant authorities. With the cooperation of road users sending information to us, we can directly notify the municipality in question, so that crews can be more quickly dispatched to do the repair work. By working together, we can improve our road network; that’s our goal with Pothole Watch.”

Since its launch eight years ago, Pothole Watch has resulted in thousands of potholes and other pavement damage being reported to authorities. Last year set a record, with almost 2,600 potholes reported.

CAA-Quebec reminds motorists that when a collision with a pothole is unavoidable, it’s important not to apply the brakes and lock the wheels, which can worsen the damage. Slow down, but maintain direction and grip the steering wheel firmly. “Swerving suddenly to avoid a pothole might lead to an accident or a loss of control,” Gagnon said. “The best thing to do is remain calm, slow down, and drive around the hazard if possible, but without putting your safety or that of others at risk.”

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