March 8, 2004

CAA-Quebec asks motorists to join on-line protest about gas prices

Quebec City, Quebec – Responding to a new gas price increase, CAA-Quebec is asking motorists who are fed up with sudden fluctuations in gasoline prices to denounce the situation via its website, By completing an online form, motorists can send a message directly to oil companies and government officials.

“The fluctuations in pump prices can’t just be explained away,” said Claire Roy, director of communications for CAA-Quebec. “Our members complain that they feel trapped, that they’re being held hostage, and rightly so. We’ve decided to provide a way for them to make themselves heard. The message is clear. The oil industry and government officials can no longer turn a blind
eye to the dissatisfaction that exists among the public.”

While the government and the oil companies rake in millions of dollars, motorists and the whole economy suffer from the consequences of high fuel prices. “Our letter of protest is intended not only to let people express their dissatisfaction but also to open the door to fairer prices and a more transparent market,” added Claire Roy.

CAA-Quebec provides its 775,000 members with a wide variety of automotive, travel, home-related and financial services.

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