July 10, 2007

CAA-Quebec applauds government initiatives on road safety

Quebec, Quebec – CAA-Quebec says that a series of priority actions on road safety announced by Transport Minister Julie Boulet addresses a number of longstanding demands by the automobile club regarding the implementation of measures to reverse worsening crash trends.

CAA-Quebec believes the government is demonstrating clear intent to act, by focusing particularly on drinking and driving, and the dangers related to speeding. “Even though we are still waiting for a new road safety policy, we can see today that our message has been heard,” says Sophie Gagnon, Director, Public and Government Relations, CAA-Quebec. “We applaud the initiatives that have been implemented and we offer the minister our complete cooperation in reaching these objectives.”

CAA-Quebec mentions a proposed implementation of photo radar, which the association says has a place where police surveillance cannot be adequately carried out; anticipation of legislation to ban the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, which the association says should be extended to include both hands-free and hand-held devices; graduated licensing, which has been extended in the probationary period for new drivers; and measures to deal with drinking and driving, including a 24-hour license suspension with no criminal record.

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