November 17, 2006

CAA-Quebec announces new Gasoline Watch online tool

Quebec, Quebec – CAA-Quebec has announced that its new Gasoline Watch tool, a first in Canada, is now available online. Motorists from across the province can use the tool to better understand the daily price of gasoline and better manage their gas purchases. The free tool is available at

Gasoline Watch provides a daily realistic price for gasoline, calculated for every region. The price includes the wholesale price paid by retailers, the transportation cost, the average retail margin over the past twelve months, and applicable taxes. By comparing the price paid locally with the realistic price in the region, drivers will be in a better position to assess the situation and decide what action to take.

CAA- Quebec gives the examples of the pump price being higher than the realistic price, in which case motorists should buy only the minimum amount of gasoline needed until the situation stabilizes; or if the pump price is lower than the realistic price, it makes sense to fill up the car.

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