February 13, 2004

CAA Presents Toyota, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler with 2004 Pyramid Awards

Toronto – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
announced the winners of its prestigious Pyramid Awards during a
special presentation held at the Canadian International Auto Show in
Toronto Thursday.

Pyramid Award - Alain Batty, Stephen Beatty, David Flewelling, John Mann
And the winners are … from left to right: Alain Batty, President and CEO, Ford of Canada, accepts the 2004 CAA Pyramid Award for Safety Innovations; Stephen Beatty, Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. holds the 2004 CAA Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives; David Flewelling, President, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA); and John Mann, Director of Engineering and Regulatory Affairs, DaimlerChrysler Canada, accepts the 2004 CAA Pyramid Award of Recognition. Click image to enlarge

Toyota Canada was presented with the Pyramid Award for
Environmental Initiatives and Ford of Canada was granted the Pyramid Award
for Safety Innovations. DaimlerChrysler Canada was presented with a special
Pyramid Award in recognition of their Fit For A Kid program.

“The CAA has long been a credible national voice on traffic safety and
environmental issues,” said David Flewelling, President of CAA. “The
Pyramid Awards allow us to celebrate those automobile manufacturers that not
only share our vision but have made significant inroads on either traffic
safety or environmental initiatives. We appreciate our winners’ commitment
to the safety of motorists and their efforts to help protect our
environment, and encourage other manufacturers to follow their lead.”

CAA solicited entries from all vehicle manufacturers in Canada to find the
most significant safety innovations and environmental initiatives. The
submissions were then reviewed by an expert panel and the winners were
chosen. While an impressive selection of entries was received, the
submissions from Toyota and Ford stood out from the rest and the judging
panel decided that the submission from DaimlerChrysler also deserved

Toyota Canada was given the Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives in
recognition of the new 2004 Toyota Prius. Toyota’s effort in taking the
hybrid concept to the next level was deemed to be the most significant
initiative seen during 2003. The new Prius is both more powerful and more
environmentally friendly, while providing more utility and a virtually
seamless hybrid powertrain. Toyota has also shown continued dedication to
giving back to the Canadian environment through a number of sponsorship

Ford of Canada was chosen for the Pyramid Award for Safety Innovations for
their Canadian Driving Package available on the new Ford Freestar minivan.
This package gives Canadian consumers the chance to add numerous
cutting-edge safety features including stability control, reverse sensing,
Brake Assist, and traction control to a family vehicle at a very reasonable
price. The innovation in this case was viewed as Ford

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