Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) has donated $2,250 to the International Towing and Recovery Survivor Fund. The fund helps families of towtruck operators who are killed while assisting motorists in need.

The fund is managed by the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame. CAA made the donation at the American Automobile Association’s national office in Heathrow, Florida.

“Not many Canadians realize how dangerous it is to be a towtruck operator,” said David Steventon, manager of automotive services for CAA. “Imagine doing your job while having vehicles zip by you only a few feet away at 100 km/h. This is daily reality for towtruck operators.”

Towing industry estimates show that as many as 100 operators are killed each year providing emergency roadside assistance in North America.

The donation is the second one that CAA has made to the fund; it also gave $2,250 in 2008.

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