Thornhill, Ontario – CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is applauding a plan to repeal a vehicle registration tax on Toronto drivers. New mayor Rob Ford has promised to scrap the two-year-old tax, which charges Toronto car owners an additional $60 on their license plate renewals.

CAA SCO said it had been opposed to implementation of the tax since it was first proposed in 2007.

“The vehicle registration fax unfairly penalizes car owners who live in the City of Toronto with an additional $60 fee,” said Faye Lyons, government relations specialist for CAA SCO. “The elimination of the unpopular fee will come as relief to overtaxed motorists. Drivers in Ontario already pay over $7 billion to the provincial and federal governments annually.”

Ontario’s Transportation Minister has promised to make technical changes quickly to its computer system and paperwork to accommodate the proposed cancellation of the tax.

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