February 28, 2005

CAA announces Pyramid Award winners

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) named the winners of its prestigious Pyramid Awards, which were presented at the Canadian International Auto Show.

The award for environmental initiatives went to Ford of Canada’s 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid; for safety innovations, Nissan Canada’s Infiniti lane departure warning system; and the award of recognition went to Smart Canada for the launch of the Smart ForTwo.

“CAA plays an important role in promoting traffic safety and supporting eco-friendly choices for motorists,” said CAA president David Flewelling. “Recognizing like-minded Canadian automobile manufacturers through our Pyramid Awards program helps to promote a commitment to protecting the environment and the safety of motorists, and encourages others to follow their lead.”

CAA solicited entries from all vehicle manufacturers in Canada to determine the most significant safety innovations and environmental initiatives.

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