October 17, 2006

CAA and Pollution Probe to present three-point plan

Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and Pollution Probe have entered into a partnership to help Canadians address climate change. The first product of the partnership is a three-point Eco-Mobility Plan for Canadians, which focuses on preserving the benefits of individual mobility while contributing to a healthier environment.

The plan is part of a larger co-written report, Driving Towards a Cleaner Environment, A Healthier Future, to be released later this fall. The three key elements of the plan are to promote eco-driving, recognize the importance of roads and highways, and increase fuel efficiency in vehicles.

Both parties say that the federal government needs to be a more active partner, through incentives, education and awareness, to encourage Canadians to change their mindset and behaviour about mobility options; the report says mobility should be considered a combination of personal travel, carpooling, car-sharing and public transportation. The report also says that better and safer roads can lead to more fuel-efficient driving, reduced congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and better fuel savings.

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