Richmond, British Columbia – Effective immediately, drivers on B.C.’s Highway 99 in Richmond should follow new overhead flashing lights and yield to public transit buses at the ramps to southbound Highway 91 and the southbound Westminster Highway on-ramp.

The new flashing lights have been installed as part of a new shoulder bus lane project. These dedicated lanes allow buses to avoid traffic congestion and improve passenger service. Similar lights are used on the existing northbound Westminster Highway to Bridgeport Road shoulder bus lane.

The flashing lights will be activated during the testing period, which is now underway and will be completed in early October, when the lanes will be officially opened. The RCMP is currently on hand to ensure motorists are obeying the lights and to enforce proper use of the lanes. Shoulder bus lanes are restricted to transit buses and emergency vehicles.

The new shoulder bus lanes are southbound from Sea Island Way to Westminster Highway, and northbound from Steveston Highway to Westminster Highway, which connects to an existing shoulder bus lane north to Bridgeport Road.

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