Cascada and Calibra nameplates registered with US trademark office

Buick’s range of vehicles include only four-door cars and SUVs. From the Cruze-based Verano to the Enclave, while Buick has upped its game, it doesn’t have much that’s the definition of exciting.

That could soon change as General Motors has registered two European nameplates – Calibra and Cascada – under the Opel brand with the US trademark office.

While a trademark registration is not necessarily a promise to produce a future model, the nameplate registrations do hint at new models for the Buick brand, which has been sourcing product from GM’s Opel division.

The Opel Cascada is currently built by General Motors as a two-door, four-seat convertible, much like the Volkswagen Eos. It’s build atop the current Opel Astra.

A Buick-branded convertible has been hinted by Mark Reuss in the past and would help spice up Buick’s improving lineup.

Calibra, on the other hand, is not a current model within the Opel lineup. The nameplate was first used in 1990 for a version of the Opel/Vauxhall Vectra but with two-doors instead of four. The registration of the Calibra name could hint at a Regal-like two-door coupe.

When the Calibra was first launched, it was the most aerodynamic vehicle in production and continued to be so for ten years.

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