Aug 20, 2007

Buckeye Bullet 2 surpasses milestone for alternative-fuel vehicles at Bonneville

Buckeye Bullet 2
Buckeye Bullet 2

Wendover, Utah – The Buckeye Bullet 2, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered streamliner racer, hit 201 mph (323.478 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats, a historical milestone for alternative-fuel vehicles. The car was built by students from Ohio State University, working with engineers from the Ford Motor Company, which set a speed record of its own during 2007 Speed Week with its Ford Fusion 999 hydrogen-powered vehicle, reaching 207.297 mph (333.612 km/h). The 999’s electric motor was designed by Ohio State students, with Canadian-based Ballard Power Systems supplying the hydrogen fuel cells.

The Buckeye Bullet 2 team’s goals were to verify that the propulsion system worked properly, that the vehicle was safe, and that it would successfully run for three miles (4.8 km), reaching 175 mph (281.6 km/h). The car reached its peak speed in the final run, as it exited the three-mile mark on the seven-mile racing track, at 9,500 rpms in second gear.

The achievement sets the stage for the Buckeye team to return to Bonneville for the 2007 Racing World Finals in October. The team plans to enhance the vehicle’s systems with the goal of breaking 300 mph (482.8 km/h).

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