Hampshire, England – While 16 per cent of Britons surveyed said they will be purchasing a new car in the next twelve months, only one per cent are looking at an electric or hybrid car, according to a new survey by auto club AA.

Britain’s scrappage scheme is no longer in place, but incentives for electric vehicles remain, AA noted.

Of those intending to replace their vehicles within the next year, 48 per cent said they will buy a diesel car, 40 per cent will choose gasoline, and eight per cent are undecided. Reliability is the most important factory, with 88 per cent of buyers citing it, followed by safety and cost efficiency.

Half of those surveyed blamed the government for high fuel prices, while one-quarter blamed oil companies. The number of drivers adversely affected by fuel prices is now at an all-time high of 76 per cent. Compared with 2007, 31 per cent said they travel less by car, 16 per cent have cut back on other expenditures, and 29 per cent have done both to deal with rising fuel prices.

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