September 23, 2005

British group to develop fuel cell sports car

Life Car
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Worcestershire, England – A British partnership has unveiled plans to develop the world’s first environmentally-clean sports car powered by a fuel cell which converts hydrogen into electricity. Partners include British sports car builder Morgan Motor Company and Oxford Universities.

The vehicle, known as LIFEcar, promises a water-vapour exhaust, sound motoring performance and stylish good looks. It will be based on the Morgan Aero Eight and use a fuel cell made by QinetiQ. The fuel cell will power four separate electric motors, one at each wheel. Regenerative braking and surplus energy will be used to charge ultra-capacitors, which will release their energy when the car is accelerating. The architecture allows for a much smaller fuel cell than is normally regarded as necessary. The two-and-a-half-year project will cost 1.9 million pounds.

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