May 14, 2007

British Columbia joins forces with Scandinavia on Hydrogen Highway

Vancouver, British Columbia – British Columbia’s Hydrogen Highway Steering Team and the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership have signed a memorandum of understanding, formalizing their intent to collaborate on the development of “hydrogen highways” in B.C. and Scandinavia. The partnership is based on meetings at the 2007 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Trade Show held recently in Vancouver.

The memorandum links the participants of the two projects in jointly addressing common barriers to commercial deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Objectives include supporting the development of codes and standards that encourage the introduction of the technologies; sharing learning and best practices related to hydrogen station installations and vehicle operations; coordinating product specifications; increasing public awareness; and encouraging collaboration in the application of new hydrogen and fuel cell products.

“The development of hydrogen infrastructure for transportation is such a fundamental transformation that it really requires all levels of government and industry to come together to solve shared challenges faced in each of our jurisdictions,” says Denis Connor, chair of the B.C. team.

The B.C. Hydrogen Highway is largely a voluntary and consensus-driven organization of industry and government leaders. The steering team consists of two representatives each from the government of Canada, the province of B.C. and industry.

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