August 26, 2005

Bridgestone/Firestone Canada announces new Blizzak winter tire

Mississauga, Ontario – Bridgestone/Firestone Canada has announced the newest member of the Blizzak family of winter tires, the Bridgestone Blizzak Revo1 with Uni-T Technology. The Blizzak Revo1 tires are designed for severe ice or snow conditions and allow a solid grip on wet and dry roads.

The tire contains Tube Multicell compound, which greatly improves the tire’s ice performance in most slippery conditions. Bite particles embedded in the Tube Multicell compound help grab the ice while the Tube Multicell compound cuts through and disperses the water. A cross-riblet surface provides ice traction for a new tire until the Tube Multicell compound is exposed.

Zigzag sipes contribute to upgraded traction on ice through drainage and edge effect, and 3D sipes improve dry performance while maintaining snow, ice and wet traction.

The Blizzak Revo1 is available in 11 Q-speed rated sizes and has a non directional tread design for the 65-60 series and a directional tread design for the 55-45 series.

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