February 10, 2006

Bridgestone offers “safe and secure” ideas for Valentine’s Day

Nashville, Tennessee – In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Bridgestone Firestone North America suggests trading the classic gifts for the untraditional to show that “special someone” that he or she is anything but ordinary.

“I’ve been known to give a few roses, but keeping my loved ones safe is my first choice,” says Andrew Firestone, star of the TV show The Bachelor and great-grandson of company founder Harvey Firestone.

Firestone suggests a bag of kitty litter as part of a car care box, to be sprinkled on icy roads to get out of a slippery situation; a blanket, to be kept in the car for an emergency in winter; a penny, which can be inserted in the tread as a quick depth gauge (insert a Canadian penny with the Queen’s crown in, and if you can see any portion of the crown, the treads are worn and the tire needs replacing); and in place of roses, Firestone says to give a tire gauge.

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