Waco, Texas – There are several methods for getting ice off a windshield, but doing it the wrong way can end up breaking the glass, according to Glass Doctor.

Trying to speed up the process with creative methods can ruin the windshield instead of clearing it off. The company offers some tips:

– Pour cold water to gradually melt the ice on a frozen door that’s sealed shut. Don’t try to “unseal” it with a hair dryer, cigarette lighter, ice pick, screwdriver, propane torch or portable heater.

– Don’t pour hot water on the windshield or windows to melt the ice, as the extreme temperature change can crack the glass. Don’t pour a mixture of vinegar and water onto the windshield, which can cause pitting.

– Start the vehicle and use the defroster setting to warm the glass, waiting about five minutes. Use a plastic ice scraper and soft plastic-bristle brush or broom to clear the ice once it starts melting. Don’t scrape with a metal ice scraper, key, spatula, knife or crowbar.

– Make sure no ice or snow is obstructing the tailpipe. If it is, remove it to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

– Wake up a few minutes early and let the glass defrost, instead of using “quick” methods that can damage the vehicle.

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