October 4, 2005

Brazilian group brings historic Chevrolets to Detroit

GM/Brazil Expedition
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Detroit, Michigan – Eight Brazilian adventurers were expected to enter the United States yesterday, after travelling over 16,000 km and driving a group of forty-year-old Chevrolet trucks. The team left from Manaus, Brazil on September 1st, headed for Detroit.

The expedition is part of the celebration of GM’s 80th anniversary in Brazil, and also pays homage to similar epic journeys of past explorers. “Our journey highlights the importance of the Chevrolet pickup truck in Brazil’s economic development in the last 50 years,” said Luiz Fanfa, the expedition leader and former PR Director, GM do Brasil. “The restored 1960 Chevrolet Brasil pickup truck we are bringing will be donated to the GM Heritage Centre in Sterling Heights, Michigan and join the nearly 700-strong historically significant vehicles that make up the GM Heritage Collection.”

The eight-member expedition has travelled through Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico, having overcome many trials. The vehicles proved reliable, but the team experienced such problems as having their gasoline stolen, running out of gas, and a police-escorted crossing across an aboriginal reserve in the Central Amazonian rain forest, because of risk of attack.

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