July 26, 2005

Brandon, Manitoba adds hybrids and small buses to its fleet

Brandon, Manitoba – The City of Brandon, Manitoba has added two Honda Civic hybrids and small, fuel-efficient buses as replacements to its 200-vehicle fleet. The Civics will replace two older pickup trucks and will be used mainly to transport city employees.

The city bought the Civics as they had the best price of hybrids offered in a tendering process. More hybrids may be added to the fleet as other vehicles become eligible for replacement.

The buses are brand-new, 25-foot (7.6-metre) vehicles which will be added to the existing fleet of 30- and 40-foot buses.

In addition to the new vehicles, the city has also begun a biodiesel program, with one bus running on biodiesel generated from waste restaurant grease. It takes about a month’s worth of vegetable grease from an average restaurant to run the bus for one day. The city has five restaurants contributing grease, which will produce only enough fuel to operate the bus for about one week each month.

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