Detroit, Michigan – General Motors has announced it will contact approximately 99,000 owners of 2009 and 2010 Pontiac Vibes in relation to the recall on its sister vehicle Toyota Matrix, but said in the meantime that it tested two Vibes and found that the brakes will stop the vehicle in case of unintended acceleration.

The Vibe is included in two Toyota recalls related to unintended acceleration, one for sticking accelerator pedals and one for possible floor mat entrapment. GM said the Vibe was designed, engineered and manufactured by Toyota through August 2009 at New United Motor Manufacturing, a joint venture of the two companies.

“We ran the Vibe wide open at 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) and the brakes were able to bring the vehicle to a safe stop within 169 metres, consistent with our internal requirement for brake performance,” said Martin Hogan, GM director of brake systems.

Should the throttle stick, the driver should apply the brakes firmly and not pump them. The vehicle should be immediately parked and towed to a GM dealer for an inspection.

Toyota has identified a repair for the Vibe, which will be serviced by GM dealers; General Motors said that it is working with Toyota to determine how soon parts will be available. GM said that several Vibe customers complained of sticking accelerator pedals following the January announcement of the Toyota recalls, but that none of the complaints resulted in a crash or injury. The company said that it had not received any relevant complaints prior to news of the Toyota recall.

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