October 6, 2005

Border crossing options eliminated in Windsor, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario – Representatives of Canada and Ontario, along with the Office of the Governor of Michigan, have announced the elimination of eight alignment alternatives within two corridors under consideration for a new border crossing between Ontario and Michigan. The alternatives do not meet the technical criteria established by Canadian and American study teams carrying out environmental assessments of the possible sites.

In June 2005, the Canada-United States-Ontario-Michigan-Bi-national Partnership presented fifteen alternative locations for river crossings, customs plazas and roadways to connect the plazas to the highway systems in both countries. The rejected options include routes aligned with downriver locations south of Ecorse, and the area upriver near Belle Isle. There are seven alternatives still under consideration. The environmental assessment work for the final alternatives will be completed by the end of 2007, leading to the opening of additional crossing capacity in 2013.

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