June 14, 2006

Boomerang Tracking recovers its 5,000th stolen vehicle

Montreal, Quebec – Boomerang Tracking Inc. has announced the recovery of its 5,000th stolen vehicle equipped with the company’s tracking device. The company estimates it has recovered $252 million worth of assets.

“We are proud of both the thousands of recoveries Boomerang has made, as well as our part in leading law enforcement to arresting hundreds of criminals and cracking organized crime rings,” says Boomerang general manager Craig Armstrong. He reports that Boomerang recoveries have led to the arrest of 200 criminals in 2005, and 67 so far in 2006.

The 5,000th recovered vehicle was a 2005 Honda CR-V owned by Ibrahim El-Bachara, which was stolen from the owner’s driveway in Montreal. Working with the Boomerang tracking team, police located the vehicle in Joliette, Quebec, obtained a search warrant, and arrested the thief at the site. El-Bachara had equipped the CR-V with the device following the theft of an earlier vehicle. The company has awarded him a free lifetime service plan on his tracking device. For more information, visit www.boomerangtracking.com.

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