May 9, 2005

Bobby Orr “signs up” with Chevrolet Safe & Fun hockey

Regina, Saskatchewan – Bobby Orr has signed his name on a swatch of cloth that will eventually be joined by 1,200 others to become the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Promise Quilt, a visual representation of the commitment made by the minor hockey community across Canada. Orr has issued a challenge to all players, parents, coaches and officials to join him in promising to uphold the values of respect and responsibility in minor hockey.

“Hockey is our national game and our national passion, and we want all those involved in the sport to help ensure its healthy future,” said Orr. “We believe that the act of personalizing a swatch of the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Promise Quilt will have a lasting impact on all involved, and that the finished product will set a positive example for the rest of the minor hockey world.”

Hockey superstar Cassie Campbell joined Orr in signing quilt swatches at a three-day Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Festival in Regina, attended by 300 local players, parents and coaches.

Over the next six months, players, parents, coaches, and officials attending Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey Festivals across Canada will be invited to sign and decorate their own swatches of cloth to add to the quilt. The quilt is an extension of the Chevrolet Safe & Fun Hockey program, created by Orr and General Motors in 1999 to instill the values of respect and responsibility in hockey through on- and off-ice activities.

“The Chevrolet Safe & Fun Promise Quilt enables us to take the important messages delivered in the Safe & Fun Hockey program from the rink directly to the hearts and minds of all Canadians,” said Tom Laurie, manager, advertising and communications, GM of Canada. “GM Canada and its network of Chevrolet Dealers encourage all Canadians associated with minor hockey to make a similar commitment to respect and responsibility in our nation’s game.”

Since 1999, over 20,000 children have attended Chevrolet Safe & Fun clinics, and more than 200,000 manuals have been distributed to hockey parents. There are six Safe & Fun Hockey Festivals scheduled this year for Barrie, Ontario (June 10-12); Charlottetown, PEI (June 17-19); Windsor, Ontario (July 15-17); Quebec City, Quebec (September 23-25, tentative) and Calgary, Alberta (November 4-6, tentative). Interested parents can call 1-800-GM-DRIVE or visit

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