If you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, the former GM executive will make your Fisker run on dino juice.

Even with all of Fisker’s recent woes, Bob Lutz isn’t worried, even though his VL Destino is based on the Karma body and chassis.

Maximum Bob told WardsAuto that VL Productions – a partnership between Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal – has a significant stock of rolling chassis, or “gliders”, on hand to meet customer demand. He also stated they are willing to convert customer Fisker Karmas to run on pump gas, dropping V8 power in the cars for an estimated $85,000-90,000 USD.

The V8 lump isn’t the originally-intended 638 hp, 6.2L supercharged LS9 ZR1 V8. Instead, the Destino will sport the 556 hp V8 from the CTS-V since customers have expessed more interest in having an automatic versus the manual transmission mated to the ZR1 motor.

[Source: WardsAuto]


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