December 19, 2002

BMW to unveil xActivity concept at Detroit

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Whitby, Ontario – BMW will unveil its new ‘xActivity’ four-wheel drive concept vehicle at the Detroit auto show. The xActivity’s design, with “alternating concave and convex surfaces” is an indication of what to expect from future X models, says the company.

The xActivity features a “frame-structure convertible roof” that combines “the open-top enjoyment of a convertible with the robust appearance and structure of an SAV (sports activity vehicle),” says the company. Reinforced, longitudinal rails connect the A-pillars to the rear of the car on both sides, negating the need for B- or C-pillars, and providing a sportier look. The xActivity features a combination of matt and gloss surfaces in ‘Bronze Moss’ paintwork that alternates between bronze, green and blue-grey depending on how the light is reflecting on the vehicle’s surfaces.

The most interesting technological feature of the interior is the ‘smart materials’ for the vehicle’s seats that eliminate the need for electric or manual seat adjustment. The seat structures themselves are made from newly developed pressure-sensitive materials that allow adjustment solely through applying pressure to the seat components themselves.

A new unconventional loading system provides more practicality. As soon as the tailgate is opened the contents of the loading area are automatically extracted to a more convenient position and angle outside the vehicle’s body reducing the potential muscle-stretching pressures of traditional unloading actions.

The xActivity is powered by a 231 horsepower, 3.0 litre, inline six cylinder engine. According to BMW, “power is transmitted from very low engine speeds offering impressive performance on steep gradients and transmitted to the four driven wheels through a manual gearbox.” The front tires are 245/45-18 inch at the front and 275/40-18 inch at the rear on distinctive 18″ rims.

The xActivity’s low centre of gravity and well-balanced suspension are combined with a brand new electronic driver control system that offers traction control delivered individually to each of the four wheels.

Also in Detroit, BMW will be unveiling new 6 speed manual and SMG gearboxes on the facelifted 3 Series Coupe and Convertible models both of which will also feature Adaptive Headlights and two-stage brake lights. As well, a new hydrogen powered 7 Series, the 8 cylinder 745h will be unveiled.

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