September 1, 2005

BMW to premiere 5 Series Security model

Munich, Germany – BMW will premiere its new 5 Series Security at the International Auto Show in Frankfurt next month, rounding out the company’s existing range of security vehicles, which also includes the 760Li/745Li High Security and the X5 Security. With the new 5 Series Security, BMW now offers an armoured sedan in the premium segment.

The 5 Series Security is aimed at buyers in Latin and South America, parts of Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and some states of the former Soviet Union, who fear growing violence and criminal threats involving carjacking and kidnapping.

The 5 Series Security comes with a choice of six- or eight-cylinder engines, and complies with protection level B4, which meets ballistic protection from .44 Magnum revolver ammunition and other hand-held weapons. The chassis is armoured with high-performance fibre composites; the vehicle also includes 21mm thick glass and a wide range of options, although it does not look much different from regular models. The 5 Series Security is manufactured alongside regular models at BMW’s Dingolfing plant, and is then shipped to a specialist facility in Toluca, Mexico for final assembly. Unlike production cars retrofitted with security features, BMW’s Security cars are integrated from the beginning, in a process parallel to the industrial standard production.

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