July 24, 2003

BMW to debut new X5 this Fall

Whitby, Ontario – BMW released photos and details yesterday of the new X5 ‘Sport Activity Vehicle’ (SAV), first introduced in 1999, that will be debuted this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and be available to Canadian consumers in mid-October.

The main highlights of this new SAV include a new intelligent four-wheel drive system – xDrive, a more powerful V8 engine, new transmissions and the modernization of design elements.

2004 BMW X5

2004 BMW X5

2004 BMW X5
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The new BMW 4.4-liter V8 engine with Valvetronic valve control, Double VANOS and fully variable intake system, currently available with the new BMW 7 Series, will power the X5 4.4i. The 4.4-litre V8 generates 315 horsepower and the X5 4.4i can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.0 seconds. The new X5 4.4i is equipped with the new six-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

The X5 3.0i will continue with the 3.0-liter, 225hp in-line six-cylinder engine. it will be available with a six-speed manual transmission for 2004.

Beginning in Spring 2004, a new high performance version of the X5 will also be available to Canadian consumers – the new BMW X5 4.8is. Details on the new 4.8 litre high performance engine were not released.

The X5 will also have a completely new four-wheel-drive system, named xDrive. BMW says xDrive reacts to differing road conditions “with unrecedented speed.”

“xDrive reacts faster than other systems because it is able to think further in advance. It not only makes use of the information obtained from the wheel sensors which signal when any of the wheels are spinning, but also data collected by the sensors from the DSC system. For example the yaw rate, the information regarding rotational movement of the vehicle itself, and the steering wheel position supply important data concerning the current situation. This enables xDrive to distribute the drive power ideally and at any given moment between the front and rear wheels, for instance in a dynamic driving situation in bends, thereby significantly minimizing under- or oversteer. In addition to the clear increase in agility and driving enjoyment, xDrive also provides great safety benefits.

“As a result of its fast reaction time, the new system provides greatly improved road holding characteristics. Whether the driving surface is rough or smooth, it only takes a few milliseconds once friction is lost between the wheel and the surface for the drive forces to be redistributed to the wheels that have traction. The electronically controlled multi-disk clutch loses no time and reacts immediately. Starting off on an icy smooth surface or climbing steep uphill slopes prove to be simple exercises for the new X5 thanks to xDrive.”

Principle exterior design changes are focused on the front end where the character lines on the hood are wider and higher and run into the typical BMW double kidney grille design. The kidney-shaped air inlets have also been redesigned. The dual headlights have been given more pronounced external contours to better match the new appearance of the BMW model range. As with some other recent BMW designs, illuminated rings make the four round headlights more prominent.

Along with the new xDrive, other new safety features include Bi-Xenon headlamps and optionally available adaptive headlights. For towing, the new BMW X5 features trailer stabilization control. The DSC vehicle stability regulation system is fitted with sensors that are able to recognize potentially dangerous pendulum motions and to apply braking forces to help return the trailer to safe motion.

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