The M4 Coupe adds one to the name and drops two from the cylinder count. But it will still have north of 450 hp.

Unveiled at Pebble Beach today, this slinky number coloured in Aurum Dust is the Concept M4 Coupe. Or you can just call it the M4 Coupe, since this is basically what we’re getting when the M3 successor goes into production next year.

Under the hood will be an inline six-cylinder engine with two snails stuck to it, good for at least 450 hp. This means the eight-cylinder 3-series is history, but it only(!) produced 420 hp, so who cares?

Expect to hit the centenary in 4.5 seconds on your way to Germany’s 250 kph gentleman’s agreement.

Want one for yourself? Prepare to wait at least 12 months from today.

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