Munich, Germany – The BMW LoveLife youth centre in Knysna, South Africa has marked its first year on World AIDS Day. The centre, which was initiated and implemented by BMW, provides programs for young people living in townships in the area, where few facilities are available.

“We are happy with the growing demand among young people from the townships for voluntary HIV testing and counselling,” said Esther Langa, responsible for Social Investment Programmes for the BMW Group in South Africa. “We are also performing more pregnancy tests. There also has been a huge increase in the use of the leisure and educational programs the centre offers.”

As well as providing health and counselling services tailored to young people, with a focus on preventing HIV and AIDS, the centre also offers sports, leisure activities, and educational programs such as computer and art classes.

“Support from companies like the BMW Group, whose actions also take the fight against HIV and AIDS beyond the gates of their plants, are a great help in combating the pandemic,” said Dr. David Harrison, CEO of the LoveLife Organisation. “We need alliances like that to slow the spread of the HIV virus.”

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