January 3, 2002

BMW sales up 15.2%, Mercedes-Benz down 4.6%

BMW Canada reported record-breaking sales of 15,702 vehicles in 2001, a 15.2% sales increase over the 2000 calendar year. This was the eleventh consecutive year of increased sales for BMW Canada.

“2001 was an extraordinary year in many respects,” explains Hendrik von Kuenheim, President and CEO of BMW Canada Inc. “I am extremely proud of the entire BMW organization and our retailers for achieving the Company’s most successful year in history, despite the flat automotive market. We have much to be proud of this year.”

BMW’s best-selling models were the compact 3-Series cars X5 sport-utility vehicles which were up 19% and 57% respectively.

Mercedes-Benz Canada reported 11,881 vehicles sold in 2001, a decrease of 4.6% over the year 2000. However, this represented the company’s second-best year ever in Canada.

Mercedes-Benz Canada President and CEO, Mr. Ernst H. Lieb commented, “I will admit that it is personally disappointing to face a decrease, albeit small, after so many years of unrelenting growth and record-breaking results month after month, year after year. However, I am very proud to say that these sales results reflect a true picture of our retail environment during this past year as we deliberately did not succumb to using artificial subsidies and “market-share buying” tactics. We are very conscious of the long-term impact these strategies may have on our market and on customer loyalty.”

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