April 2, 2003

BMW releases more details, photos of all-new 5-Series

BMW 530i
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Whitby, Ontario – Scheduled to go on sale in late 2003, the new BMW 5-Series sedan offers an all-aluminum chassis and suspension, Active Steering, Dynamic Drive and run-flat tires. The 5-Series also features the iDrive control concept, Head-Up Display, Adaptive Headlights, Adaptive Brake Lights, Xenon headlights, and Active Cruise Control.

The 530i will have a 3.0 litre inline six-cylinder engine with 225 horsepower and 214 ft/lb of torque. It comes standard with a new six-speed manual gearbox, and a six-speed automatic with STEPTRONIC is optional. The 530i accelerates from 0-100 km in 7.0 seconds and achieves an electronically limited top speed of 240 km/h, says the company.

The 545i will feature the same V8 engine that powers the BMW 745i, which uses double VANOS variable valve-timing, VALVETRONIC throttle-less engine control and infinitely variable intake manifold to produce 325 horsepower and 325ft/lb of torque.

While it is larger and more spacious than its predecessor, the new sedan is not heavier. This is attributable to the lightweight aluminum front section and lightweight steel body.

Optional Active Steering varies the steering transmission ratio under normal driving conditions at low and medium road speeds, making the steering more direct, reducing the steering effort, and enhancing the car’s agile performance in city traffic, when parking and in curves. At high speeds, in turn, the steering becomes less direct, meaning the wheels turn relatively less in relation to input from the driver and thus provides superior directional stability. Networked to Dynamic Stability Control, Active Steering is able to intervene as soon as the car starts to become unstable by monitoring the yaw rate and changing the steering angle accordingly. This reduces the number of DSC interventions at the lower end of the control range and thus offers optimum control comfort for the driver and his passengers.

The Xenon headlights are controlled in real time as a function of the steering wheel angle, yaw rate and road speed, illuminating the road ahead in a bend. Adaptive brake lights already standard equipment for the BMW 7 Series, X5, Z4 and 3 Series Coupe and Cabriolet, are now also available in the 5 Series; designed to reduce the risk of bumper-to-bumper collisions by enlarging the brake light area when the driver forcefully applies the brakes.

The new BMW 5 Series comes for the first time with ACC, Active Cruise Control. This radar-based assistant is specially developed for driving on the highway, making it easier to drive smoothly in convoys by automatically controlling the distance from the vehicle ahead chosen in advance.

With its cockpit based on BMW’s iDrive philosophy, the new 5 Series is taking on a pioneering role in its class in driver-oriented ergonomics: Most functions essential for driving are within the driver’s immediate reach on or around the steering wheel, while the basic comfort functions are in the centre console. All other settings, functions and services are coordinated smoothly and efficiently by the driver or front passenger using the Controller and Control Display specially modified for the 5 Series – as an example, this control system is now featured for the first time together with a gearshift lever in the middle.

The Head-Up Display, also featured in a BMW for the first time, makes a contribution to active safety by presenting information relevant to the driver in his/her direct line of vision. A further advantage is that the driver can determine himself at any time what information is to be presented on the windshield, for example his road speed and/or navigation instructions.

Standard features include the new automatic air conditioning with adaptive evaporation temperature control preventing the occupants from growing too cold and providing individual stratification of temperatures inside the car. The new sedan offers more space and has a much larger luggage compartment than its predecessor.

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