August 2, 2006

BMW project vehicle pays its own parking fees

Munich, Germany – BMW Group Research and Technology has demonstrated a 7 Series that pays the ticket in a parking garage through a wireless connection. The futuristic system is part of the NOW (Network On Wheels) research project, in cooperation between BMW and Munich Technical University.

The car’s system works in conjunction with an electronic parking ticket, which is normally inserted by the driver into the parking machine. A chip is integrated into the car’s onboard computer system, and payment is processed entirely via a wireless connection, using the display on the onboard computer.

In the prototype, the system registers the entry time when the car drives past the barrier at the entrance. When leaving, the customer drives directly to the exit, without going to a parking machine to pay. Charges are debited, to the second, from the credit on the driver’s cash card. The company has not mentioned any timeframe on a viable system available to consumers.

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