March 5, 2007

BMW partners with University of Miami to create National Accident Research Project

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey – BMW of North America has announced a partnership with the William Lehman Injury Research Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center to create a nationwide Accident Research Project (ARP). BMW engineers will team with medical trauma experts to conduct biomedical crash analyses that will aid in the determination of the cause of injuries in car crashes. The findings will be used to develop new safety features in future BMW cars.

“More young adult lives are lost each year to trauma than to disease in the U.S.,” says Dr. Jeffrey Augenstein, Director of the Ryder Trauma Center where the research centre is housed. “This study of real-world crashes will directly translate into safety features and information that will save more lives. We are thrilled to partner with BMW for the venture.”

BMW first used real-world crash analysis in 1976, when the Bavarian police began reporting severe collisions involving BMWs to the carmaker, which they still do today. BMW used the police information to upgrade its safety features.

Under the new partnership, BMW and the trauma centre will dispatch a team to inspect damaged vehicles after a crash and then through accident reconstruction and a biomechanic evaluation of the injuries. The results will be constantly fed to various development departments for further vehicle design enhancements.

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