March 30, 2007

BMW opens Plant Chennai in India

Munich, Germany – The BMW Group has officially opened its Plant Chennai in India; the company’s subsidiary company in Delhi started up operations at the beginning of 2007 and has now taken its second important step in India’s emerging growth market. The company has invested around 20 million Euros to date in the sales structure and plant.

The BMW Group has had a dealer network in India for the past ten years and says that establishment of an independent subsidiary company managed by the BMW Group was the next key logical step towards creating a significant platform to serve the country’s emerging market. Delhi has been the focus of sales operations since the beginning of 2007, but the network will be expanded from there to encompass all big cities on the Indian subcontinent.

Plant Chennai is located in the southwest of India in the Tamil Nadu region; in February 2007, the first 3 Series rolled off the production line after a construction period of just twelve months. Initially, the plant will employ around 120 workers to build about 1,700 cars a year in a single shift, and will produce 3 and 5 Series destined exclusively for the Indian market. Other models, including the 7 Series, X5 and X3 are imported.

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