January 30, 2003

BMW opens engine testing building

Munich, Germany – After a construction period of only 18 months, the BMW Group is opening its new Engine Tester Building. For the first time in the world, BMW is integrating all areas and activities in drivetrain development within one modular, enlargeable building complex. The big advantage of this concept is the short distances between Design/Development, Prototype Construction and Testing, creating synergies and enhancing the overall standard of efficiency.

Additionally, development activities may be shifted directly to the tester, thus reducing the number of test vehicles. The new Tester Building on the premises of the BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich comprises 36 engine testers and dynamometers on three floors. Six test bays are equipped especially for the development of hydrogen engines. The overall investment in the new building is approximately Euro 83 million.

“Benefitting from these new test facilities we will be able to develop engines and drivetrains from the small four-cylinder all the way to the extra-large 12-cylinder setting the world benchmark in terms of efficiency, emissions and dynamism also in the 21st century”, stated Dr Burkhard G

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