April 13, 2007

BMW named most efficient in use of resources

Munich, Germany – A study of 28 German companies, conducted by the Berlin Institute for Future Studies and Technology Evaluation (IZT), has named the BMW Group the most efficient in using its financial, ecological and social resources. The study focused on ten indicators, such as the use of capital, water consumption, waste volume and number of accidents at work; the study found the BMW managed its resources five times better than the German economy.

The study found that the BMW Group has reduced its energy consumption by 26 per cent and the emission of CO2 by 24 per cent per produced vehicle over the last ten years, using such technologies as heat wheels in building ventilation systems to recover heat from exhaust air; building cooling using groundwater at its centre in Munich; methane gas used for energy at its Spartanburg, N.C. plant; and a savings of 30 million litres of water per year at its Steyr plant with a new process that treats water and returns it to the production system. In the total production network, BMW has reduced its water consumption per manufactured vehicle by 47 per cent since 1996.

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