September 12, 2007

BMW introduces two-mode hybrid concept at Frankfurt show

BMW Concept X6
BMW Concept X6. Click image to enlarge

Photo Gallery: BMW Concept X6

Frankfurt, Germany – BMW has introduced its Concept X6 ActiveHybrid vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the X6 Sports Activity Coupe concept, also unveiled at the show, the Concept X6 ActiveHybrid uses a two-mode hybrid system developed in partnership with General Motors and DaimlerChrysler.

The system combines two high-performance electric motors with a continuously variable transmission; the company says it can deliver up to 20 per cent better fuel efficiency than a comparable engine. BMW also says that the X6, which can be driven on electricity or gasoline alone, or a combination of the two, offers the sporty performance of its existing X3 and X5 vehicles.

BMW says it started to develop hybrid drive many years ago, long before the foundation of the Global Hybrid Cooperation with the other two automakers, and tested an electric drivetrain as early as the late 1980s. It presented a hybrid concept in 1995, based on the BMW 518i, along with EfficientDynamics systems shown on the X5 in 2003 and Concept X3 in 2005.

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