July 2, 2004

BMW introduces driver training geared towards women and youths

Whitby, Ontario – BMW Group Canada today announced a new course addition to its Advanced Driver Training program. BMW Driver Training has expanded its regular course dates to include training specially geared towards women and young adults.

BMW Advanced Driver Training is a one-day course that teaches participants how to better command their vehicles. The Ladies Only and Young Persons Driver Training days will be limited to women and young adults respectively.

Two Young Persons BMW Driver Training dates will be offered at Downsview Park in Toronto on Tuesday, July 20th and Wednesday, August 11th. The specialized BMW Driver Training sessions are open to all drivers aged 16 to 21 with a valid G2 or full class drivers license. The Young Persons Driver Training offers a unique opportunity for 16 and 17 year olds to participate in the BMW Driver Training Program that is otherwise limited to individuals who are 18 years and older. The cost of the one-day Young Persons Driver Training session is $360.00 (plus tax).

Many women who have participated in BMW Driver Training have inquired about Ladies Only days. In response to the demand, BMW Group Canada is offering a Ladies Only BMW Driver Training day on Wednesday, August 18th to be held in Toronto at Downsview Park. The Ladies Only session is limited to women 18 years and older who hold a valid full class drivers license. The cost of the one-day Ladies Only BMW Driver Training session is $480.00 (plus tax).

Both the Young Persons and Ladies Only BMW Driver Training sessions will run with the same curriculum as the BMW Advanced Level 1 Driver Training programs and will be taught in a fleet of BMW’s 330i Sedans. In both sessions, drivers will be taught such skills as proper seating position, steering techniques and vehicle dynamics. Course instructors will also direct drivers through exercises including braking with and without ABS and front and rear wheel skid control.

The BMW Driver Training program offers students individualized attention. The course has a maximum of 20 participants and is taught by renowned driving instructors, led by Chief Instructor Pierre Savoy.

Launched in Canada in 2001, the successful BMW Driver Training program is based upon the German model, which is now available in 21 countries worldwide. It is Canada’s most attended advanced driver training program, with over 5,500 graduates since 2001.

Full program information is available online at www.bmwdrivertraining.ca.

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