July 13, 2005

BMW international bike meet draws 30,000 visitors

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria – Despite unpredictable weather, over 30,000 visitors from 40 countries assembled in Bavaria for the fifth annual International BMW Motorrad Biker Meeting from the first to third of July.

Some 1,200 bikers took part in an 84 km parade ride, while 700 bikers test-rode all BMWs in the current model range. Special prizes went to Igor Brezovar of Slovenia, who had travelled through 75 countries on his R1100 GS; a “highest mileage” award that went to a K100RS with 335,816 km on it; a 1929 R62 which took “BMW Classic” prize; and a long distance award that went to two local inhabitants who took a 18,950 km detour around the Mediterranean to attend the event.

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