March 10, 2005

BMW Group increased worldwide sales in February

Munich, Germany – BMW Group increased its worldwide sales by 7 per cent in Feburary, with 165,085 cars delivered in the year to date.

Its February sales of 83,228 vehicles worldwide topped its 2004 figure of 77,775; during that time, the volume of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles sold increased by 8.5 per cent to 165,085, up from 152,174.

Sales were highest in the U.S., increasing 15.6 per cent over 2004; in Germany, the increase was 8.0 per cent. In Canada, its 2,146 sales marked a 12.8 per cent increase.

In its fifth year since its market launch in 2001, Mini continues to grow, rising 9.0 per cent worldwide to 30,554 units in January and February. Among other BMW products, Rolls-Royce delivered 40 Phantoms in February, for a total of 72 units, while motorcycles rose by 40 per cent.

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