July 26, 2005

BMW builds a “brand-new” 1973 model

Munich, Germany – Visitors to the BMW Museum in Germany, or those on the Internet, will have the opportunity to watch the company build a “brand-new” 1973 BMW 2002 out of vintage spare parts.

The BMW 2002, which is regarded as a cult classic among aficionados, is receiving an estimated 90 per cent of its parts from Mobile Tradition, the BMW Group’s heritage division. The core of the project is an original body shell from the 1970s, while a small number of parts not available from the company are being taken from a donor car or are being remanufactured by hand. Visitors will be able to track the car’s construction live; should the 2002 ever be removed for specialized work, it will be immediately replaced by a BMW 3.0 CSL currently undergoing restoration. The car’s ongoing construction can be seen at www.bmwmobiletradition.de.

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