Munich, Germany – BMW has announced the introduction of the X5 Security Plus, a bullet-resistant version for customers requiring extra security.

The company said it is the first vehicle produced by a high-volume manufacturer to offer a security concept aimed at lessening the danger of attacks using the AK 47, the world’s most widely-used assault gun.

The X5 Security Plus includes an amoured passenger cabin, bullet-resistant glass, an intercom system allowing communication with persons outside the vehicle without having to open doors or windows, a hold-up alarm with automatic locks, acoustic and visual alarm signals, hidden controls, rear- and sideview cameras, adaptive headlamps, high-performance brakes and run-flat tires. The company also offers special security vehicle driver training.

The X5 Security Plus is produced parallel with production vehicles at BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, with protective features installed at a plant in Toluca, Mexico.

It is not known if the vehicle will be available for sale in Canada.

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