Markham, Ontario – Compact models took half the spots on Canadian Black Book’s “Best Retained Value” list, with Toyota named an unprecedented five times in the top ten among 2005 models.

The awards are determined from data indicating a vehicle’s ability to retain value from its original MSRP, on passenger cars and light trucks that are four years old and under $70,000.

Traditionally, Black Book names the top five brands, but this year has chosen top individual models from manufacturers. “Every brand contains weak performers,” said Larry Shred, executive vice-president of Canadian Black Book. “There is greater value to the consumer in identifying specific models that outperform the pack. Since the awards measure actual value retained and not a prospective look, consumer confidence in the model is strengthened based on actual performance.”

For 2009, the top ten models for retained value are the Toyota RAV4, Dodge Sprinter, Mini Cooper, Toyota Echo, Smart Fortwo, Honda Civic, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, and Mazda3.

In alphabetical order, the top five models posting the largest percentage increase in retained value over last year are the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Kia Spectra, Nissan Sentra, and Toyota Echo.

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