July 17, 2007

Biofuel-powered car breaks world speed record

Oscoda, Michigan – A Viper fuelled with E85 ethanol broke the world record for a street car in the standing mile, taking 27.41 seconds to reach 220.7 mph (355 km/h) in one mile (1.6 km). The previous standing mile record, held by a gasoline-powered street car, was 217.85 mph (350.5 km/h). The car was driven by owner Karl Jacob at the Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport in Oscada, Michigan.

“Going green does not have to mean going slow,” Jacob says. “We built this car to break the world speed record and bring attention to the importance of renewable fuels. These fuels decrease our dependence on oil and reduce overall emissions. As we’ve demonstrated, E85 enables us to go green and go fast.”

The car was built with the assistance of SVS, a Chicago-based aftermarket vehicle modification company specializing in computer-controlled engine management. The Viper uses a side-mounted twin turbo system created by SVS and took one year to build. To see pictures and videos of the record run, visit www.e85viper.com.

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