April 7, 2006

Bill Ford named 2006 Automotive Industry Executive of the Year

Dearborn, Michigan – Ford Chairman and CEO Bill Ford has received the 2006 Automotive Industry Executive of the Year Award, which recognizes excellence in automotive leadership from OEM executives. It was presented by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and DNV, a management systems certification registrar.

Ford’s candidness is one of the qualities that make him a true leader in the automotive industry, according to Carla Kalogeridis, editor-in-chief of AIAG’s Actionline magazine. She also said that Ford’s environmental focus also singles him out for recognition. “Today, with our problems with dependency on foreign oil and skyrocketing gas prices, it’s a key issue with consumers. And Ford’s been there all along quietly in the background and pushing this issue.”

In his acceptance remarks, Ford cited new approaches such as alternative-fuel vehicles and hybrid technology that the company is taking to reduce its impact on the environment; it is also entering into long-term agreements with strategic partnerships with suppliers to improve collaboration, accelerate innovation, and drive quality and competitive costs.

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